Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Finally imaged my IBM PC JX titles!

Well - I finally managed to get my Super Card Pro to image my IBM PC JX disks. This was required as some of them are copy protected and they are all self booting disks. It took me a while to figure out that to image them and get them to work you had to set the program to IBM 1.44MB (and not IBM 720k).

So - all you need is a high density 3.5" disk drive and load these images into Super Card Pro and you can boot your JX! I will note that if you don't have the 720k ROM chip (that is the 8732KY chip as opposed to the 360k 8532K9) - you can only use the DOS 2.1 boot disk. 

All the other disks are 360k 3.5" disks - once again, only the DOS 3.2 is 720k.

DOS 3.2 is FANTASTIC - It has sorted out a number of issues with my super IBM PC JX. For those who don't know, I removed the old Matsushita 10 MB drive and replaced it with a DREM HD Emulator. Its super sweet.

As for the productivity titles, they are underwhelming. The Sampler is a bit of a laugh. There are full versions of the Writing Assistant, Planning Assistant and DOS versions - and the My JX Sampler as well as demos of Writing Assistant, Planning Assistant, Graphing Assistant and Filing and Reporting Assistant.

Enjoy. You can get the SCP images here or by using the link below.

Here is some screen shots of the products I have imaged -

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