Monday, January 13, 2020

Busy Busy Busy

It's been a couple of months since I have uploaded a blog (not that anyone reads this), but I have been extremely busy!

In December, I began actively tidying up the shed. In doing so, I was reading some of my documents and discovered some interesting Commodore 65 drawings. While out on a run, I was listening to Chicken Lips Radio where they mentioned the Commodore International Historical Society. I then reached out and uploaded bucketloads. You can see some of my handiwork here -

I also exhibited at the Bundoora Swap Meet in early January with the Australian Vintage Computer group. I brought along an Apple ///+, an IBM JX, Atari 800 and a Commodore PET 8032. 

It was a bit of fun - plenty of interest from the community. It was great to meet many of the people in the Facebook group - other than Alan and Ian - I don't know many of the newer collectors.

In terms of acquisitions over the last few months, I have acquired a Commodore 1540 disk drive in working condition with original VIC ROMs in it as well as a lot of products from - The Penultimate Cartridge is a a real ripper. I also picked up all of the diagnostics cartridges (264 Diag, 1541 Test, C64 Dead Test).

I also purchased a PABX to simulate dialup between machines. This cheap chinese unit works great and allows up to 33.6k connections. I look forward to demoing what BBSing used to be like in a future demonstration using real modems.

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