Thursday, January 16, 2020

IBM JX Information Page now online!

I have been wanting to document the IBM JX and put whatever information I can find in a single location. I have seen the wonderful PCjr site by Mike and have wished there was a similar repository for the PCjrs younger brother the JX. 

Well, I have made a start. I'm guessing I have the largest JX pile around (although I read that there were 40+ JX units in Bendigo in my research - I wonder where they went) so I am in a pretty good position to start.

You can find my new site here at

I have plenty of work to do, so I'll keep going! I'd say I have put at least 24 hours of research, scanning and documentation in so far - and there is a lot to cover.

If you can help me with any magazines or documents, I'd really appreciate any support! Happy to collaborate or work with others.

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